Since the band’s early pre-formation jam sessions all the way back in ’99 Solace has steadily been rising in popularity. The original lineup of James Preston, Tyler Leahy, and John Illgen first showcased their original sound on their self-titled album, making a ripple in an ocean of unoriginal pop music. Once the band had obtained local popularity they went on to perform at several local venues, showcasing the band’s highly energetic live performances and skills. With ever-increasing experience, Solace has gone on to play shows across the state, making new fans along the way. Heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and well arranged accompaniments are just some of the things that make Solace’s music great.

With new albums released in 2006 (Moment of Truth) and 2009 (Poor Old Soul), Solace continues to create music with the right ratios of light and dark, beauty and energy, emotion and thought. The band is primed for another great year of live shows and recording. Look here for updates on when Solace is coming to your town.