Poor Old Soul (finally!) available for download

Well hi,

First of all, we at Solace would like to wish everyone out there a happy holiday season!

Second of all, we are pleased to announce that our newest album, Poor Old Soul, has finally become available for online download!  Here’s a sampling of the reputable stores currently offering Poor Old Soul .mp3s:

  • iTunes  ($0.99 per song, $9.99 for complete album)  [Click HERE]

  • CD Baby ($0.99 per song, $8.99 for complete album) [Click HERE]

…with more stores coming soon, so check back in the near future or have a look within your mp3 store of choice!

Rather have your music in a format you can touch?  (I know I do…)  Then head over to the Solace Webstore (click HERE) to buy Poor Old Soul in CD format!